Wiffy Scents Product Information 

Wiffy Scents are highly concentrated, so use sparingly.  Do not spray in eyes, face or directly on skin.  Our products are not meant to be used on cats, as they lick themselves. They are a natural oil base and can stain fur and other objects, so follow instructions on how to apply.  Do not use near open flame. Keep this product out of reach of children and pets to avoid unintended consumption or contact.


Best Method: One or two sprays on a nitrile glove, then lightly rub dogs fur in order to get around ears and along back. By using a nitrile glove you can apply more evenly and fragrance won’t absorb into a glove like it will a cloth.  Alternative methods: Hold sprayer 8 to 12 inches above pet and spritz one pump along fur to allow mist to settle evenly, or lightly spray a cloth or paper towel and apply evenly to fur.


In addition to making your dog smell great, Wiffy Scents have many other wonderful uses!  A small spray on floor mats make your car smell fantastic all day and even longer!  Great to use in diffusers in your home or business, or just a quick spray in the air. One spray in the waste basket in bathroom or directly in toilet bowl makes a wonderful difference!  Just remember not to spray directly over furniture as it is oil based and can stain.  Another great use is to spray your A/C filter or a ceiling fan hanger – makes the whole house smell wonderful!  Great for kid’s rooms too!  Get rid of athletic smell from shoes and uniforms.